Saturday, August 9, 2014

Three and then another 3...

Hello Friends!
Guess what tomorrow is? 

Tomorrow is the day that I turn my favorite number...twice!  Not like 3+3, but the crazy extra cool one- because it's 3 and then ANOTHER 3! I'm such a nerd! Hahaha! I've been thinking about a few different ways to celebrate, and I thought-


  { TCS } SHOP

How does that sound? The code is only valid through tomorrow on Etsy on listed goodies and I've decided to open it up on Insta too, so if there's a custom something that you'd like, the code will work and I will bill through paypal. Simple, right?!

So, now's the time to snag up something random! Use the code JDIS33TODAY !

Happy 33 from me to you!

{ TCS }

Monday, August 4, 2014

...and the winner is...

We finally have a winner of { TCS } first GIVEAWAY! 

Congrats to @BIMLAY! Thanks for your love and support and willingness to spread the word about

  { the crafty skull }

You get your choice of colors for your Shabby Two Pocket Lanyard, totally custom and made with serious amounts of love!

Much Love,
{ tcs }

Friday, July 18, 2014

hello & welcome!

Hello, Loves!

Welcome to { the crafty skull }! 

This blog and all things { TCS } have been a work in progress for many months-and we finally went live today!
This blog will feature many fun things-and work to tie everything together. That means you may see stuff pop in from my day to day, my crafty goodness, stuff available on my Etsy shop, fbook posts, stuff like that.  I'm sure we're going to have entirely too much fun together-cause...true story-I'm hilarious.

much love,
{ tcs }